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Review: One Star Romance

This was one of those books that just kept breaking my heart and putting it back together, but in the best of ways. I couldn’t put it down because I just loved these characters, especially Natalie. It was so rewarding to watch her growth throughout the story, fumbles and bumbles included. She’s so utterly human, and flawed, and easy to relate to, as is Rob – mister One Star himself.

This novel had me cheering for them at times and yet not at others, and then cheering again. It is such a great story. Loved it!



A struggling writer is forced to walk down the aisle at her best friend’s wedding with the man who gave her book a very public one-star rating in this fresh romantic comedy from Laura Hankin.

Natalie and Rob couldn’t have less in common. Nat’s a messy artist, and Rob’s a rigid academic. The only thing they share is their devotion to their respective best friends—who just got engaged. Still, unexpected chemistry has Natalie cautiously optimistic about being maid of honor to Rob’s best man.

Until, minutes before the ceremony, Nat learns that Rob wrote a one-star review of her new novel, which has them both reeling: Nat from imposter syndrome, and Rob over the reason he needed to write it.

When the reception ends, these two opposites hope they’ll never meet again. But, as they slip from their twenties into their thirties, they’re forced together whenever their fast-track best friends celebrate another milestone. Through housewarmings and christenings, life-changing triumphs and failures, Natalie and Rob grapple with their own choices—and how your harshest critic can become your perfectly imperfect match.

After all, even the truest love stories sometimes need a bit of rewriting.

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