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Review: To Have and To Hoax

Violet and James are hilarious! If you loved Bringing Down the Duke, you’ll love this story as well! Violet and James have been married a short time, but something has caused a rift between them. When Violet receives a letter informing her that James has been injured, she rushes to his side … only to find him to be perfectly fine. Violet decides that the best way to make things ‘even’ between the two of them again is to be ill herself – and so, the hoax begins…

It sounds like a hard to pull off plot, but Waters does a superb job and creates characters that you want to root for even while you laugh both at them and with them. Violet and James have a wonderful chemistry, and there are just enough twists and turns, just enough will-they or won’t-they to keep you turning pages. This one’s a gem.

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