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Review: The Trouble With Hating You

I couldn’t put this book down. In some ways it was a hard read, learning what Liya had been through, and yet that made her such a relatable, beloved character. Her flawed thinking kept her from believing anyone could love her for who she truly was. It was heart-wrenching and yet the story of so many women who have been hurt, misused, and go on to believe they are no longer enough for real love. I love how Patel handled this throughout the book, with a soft touch and skillful words. She gave Liya a voice of her own, the ability to stand up for herself, and yet allowed Liya to find friends, and a partner that would stand with her. It was beautifully done.

I can’t say enough good things about this book. I think I felt every feeling there is to feel while reading this, especially thoseast few chapters! Patel will be an auto-buy for me now!

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