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Review: Paris Is Always a Good Idea

Wow! This story was stunning. One of the best I’ve read in 2020. It has a depth that drew me in, and yet a sense of lightness as well. I wish I had the words to convey how beautifully this novel is written and now well the topics of grief, love, and finding oneself are handled.

Chelsea is a workaholic and Jason is her nemesis. He drives her insane and she can’t stand his smug face. They are perfect office enemies. When Chelsea has a crisis in the personal life she decides to take a trip to Europe to try and remember thehthe girl she used to be. However, a big deal is going down at work and she and Jason need to work together to make this happen while she’s out of the office.¬† She just might kill him before they finish putting this deal together.

As Chelsea retraces her steps from her gap years trip through Europe, she catches up with  3 guys she dated that year. Each of them turn out differently than she thinks they will, all of them for surprising reasons. But where Chelsea finds herself during her time traveling is maybe the most surprising thing of all.

Such a great read! It’s one of those stories that sticks with you and you wish you could read for the first time all over again.



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