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Review: More Than Maybe

I honestly don’t have the words to tell you how lovely this story is. I’ve been saving it because the world has been so upside-down and reading has been hard, but this book is just exploding with joy and music and romance and feelings. Luke and Vada won me over from the very beginning of their story and I devoured this book in about 2 sittings, and honestly would have read it in one if things like work and sleep hadn’t gotten in my way. 🙂

Hahn did a magnificent job with keeping the tension just right between the characters. The pacing is perfect, and there is just enough drama, just enough angst to keep you turning page after page, wanting to know when these characters will figure it out already. LoL. This book is a beautiful ride, filled with the true melody of what it’s like to be in love. I love every word, and every song woven through it.

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