Review: A Sweet Mess

I really enjoyed A Sweet Mess! I love stories with a cooking/baking theme and this definitely didn’t disappoint. Aubrey and Landon have a chance meeting in the small town where Aubrey lives, she doesn’t think she’ll ever see him again.

When he writes a scathing review of her bakery, she HOPES she’ll never see him again. When he shows up with a crazy plan to save her bakery, Aubrey isn’t sure whether she should trust him or not. However, it’s the only plan she has, so really has no choice.

Hilarity and lots is tension follows as Aubrey and Landon are continual forced together by circumstances, and some would say by fate.

This book was a lot of fun. Aubrey and Landon had great chemistry, so their predicament just made them all the more endearing. Landon was somewhat hard to like at first, but he does eventually redeem himself – this one is well worth the read.

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