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Review: Some of It Was Real

I knew I would love this book from the moment I read the premise … and it didn’t disappoint. It kept me reading from page one and has all the great elements of mystery and romance that I look for in a great book. Sylvie is a loveable psychic medium who isn’t sure of herself and her abilities. Thomas is a reporter who set out to prove the truth. Need I say more?



Sylvie Young’s career is on the rise. A celebrity psychic-medium, Sylvie charges top-dollar for customers to attend her shows, where she helps them explore connections with loved ones who have passed. With a bit of luck, a bit of research, and sometimes, a bit of… something else that she can’t quite explain… Sylvie says just the right thing to turn the grieving hopefuls into believers. And other times… the lines blur as to what Sylvie really knows about the deceased, and what she can say to keep her paying customers coming back for more.

Enter Thomas Holmes, a journalist for the Los Angeles Times. Intent on taking down “grief vampires” who prey upon mourning, vulnerable people, Thomas attends Sylvie’s show threatening to expose her as a conniving fraud. His tell-all exposé may be his only chance to simultaneously save his fledgling career and seek justice for victims of scam artists—victims like his own mother.

To save face, Sylvie agrees to have Thomas shadow her before her next big show, taking him on a journey back to her small Oregon hometown so he can interview her relatives and learn about her origins. But what starts as a fact-finding mission turns into a winding journey even deeper into Sylvie’s past that begs more questions than answers. Because despite her all-seeing abilities, there are parts of Sylvie’s own past that even she can’t grasp clearly. What follows is an enlightening quest for truth—but also for connection and understanding between two people who are lost in the world, trying to discern between reality and illusion.

Filled with mystery, intrigue, romance, family drama, and a touch of magical realism, SOME OF IT WAS REAL is a one-of-a-kind thrill ride from beginning to end, perfect for readers of any genre. Fischer takes readers on a winding journey, examining the roles that fate and coincidence play in our lives, while leading readers to an unexpected surprise conclusion.

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