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Review: Love and Other Flight Delays

I have been so excited about this book! I love novella collections and this one sounded so great to me as they are all romances set in an airport – how fun! Williams’ stories were *chef’s kiss* – each of them had a unique premise, even while having a similar setting. I loved each story and I honestly don’t think I could pick a favorite.

Williams’ writing is so great and I love the way she writes dialogue, so I knew going into this that I was bound to love each story. She truly did not disappoint. Can’t wait for more!



Love takes flight in a collection of sexy, fun novellas all set at the airport from the acclaimed author of The Fastest Way to Fall.

The Love Connection
An airport pet groomer meets her frequent-flier crush and finds herself in a fake-dating situation with a professional risk assessor who moonlights as a romance author.

The Missed Connection
Two strangers share a romantic night only to discover months later that they’re professional rivals about to embark on an extended business trip together in this grumpy-meets-sunshine romance.

The Sweetest Connection
Two best friends have one week to return a lost love letter found in a candy store at the airport–and work up the courage to confess the deep feelings between them–before one of them leaves the country.

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