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Review: First Meet Foul

This book has all that you can ask for in a romance: angst, longing, and forbidden crushes. Lorelei and Luca are both pretty sure the other hates them, and they both secretly are in to each other. When they end up as house-mates, it’s all they stay apart to respect Lorelei’s brother who is the team’s quarterback. This is such a fun, fast-paced story! I loved it!



Lorelei Romano thought junior year would be spent living with her best friend, having the best season of her life on the girls’ soccer team and enjoying time with her boyfriend. Instead, she was suddenly single and stuck living with her brother in the football house across the hall from the grumpiest football player on campus. The tight end might be easy on the eyes with his tree-trunk thighs and gorgeous thick hair, but the guy hates her on sight.

Luca Monroe doesn’t have time for feelings in his plan to get to the NFL to financially take care of his grandma. He had a rough life and can’t afford to veer off track—no matter how much his teammate’s sister tempts him. She’s a weakness he refuses to indulge, so keeping his distance is the only solution. He’d never betray his quarterback like that, and plus, every second of his day is focused on football.

But when Lorelei ends up in a fight for an internship with the guy who broke her heart, she teams up with Luca to wow her professor. The project brings the two together, and with that, their chemistry implodes. They agree to a friends-with-benefits arrangement. The rules are simple: no feelings and no one ever finds out.

Despite their own rules, feelings get involved. Lorelei refuses to be kept secret, and Luca always puts the football team first. However, when she walks away, Luca’s on defense. He either risks it all for the girl who’s become his everything or miss a chance of scoring real love.

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