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Review: The Summer Playbook

I loved Mack and Dean’s story! Mack is so genuine and happy, it was fun to see her come out of her shell and try all the things on the playbook list. Dean was struggling so much, it was hard to watch him work through things, but the playbook gave back some of the freedom he thought he’d lost. I loved watching these two grow and learn to trust one another. So much pining!



Mackenzie Mallinson is an expert at two things—playing soccer and talking about soccer. Wait, there’s a third too. Crushing on her best friend’s twin brother, the star quarterback for the football team, but no one knows about that. Her senior year is her last shot at fun before entering the pros, and she refuses to let soccer be the only thing that defines her. She wants to live life to the fullest, and that requires a summer bucket list.

Dean Romano might have a line of people wanting his signature, but he’s been off his game since someone he trusted hurt him last year. Once the life of the party, he misses the old version of himself. Not the guy who slept around version, but the fun, carefree, let’s enjoy my time on earth version. With his senior year on the team starting, he wants to get back to having a good time, and the perfect opportunity arises: The Summer Playbook.

Mack needs to let loose but wants to do it with someone she trusts. Dean wants to find his mojo again with someone who doesn’t care about his potential NFL career. The two pair up to complete a bucket list of fun while ensuring there are no feelings involved. Some items are easy, like dance on a bar or go to a concert, but skinny dipping? Body shots? Things heat up, but they both agreed their deal ends once they check off every item on the list. The question remains: is love something you cross off a list or a game you can win?

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