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Review: Mum’s The Word

I think every time Staci Hart comes out with a book, especially a Bennet book, I say it’s my new favorite. This time is no exception.

Marcus and Maisie  are the best couple yet. They are both overly serious and entirely unlikely to fall head-over-heels for someone, especially for someone they absolutely cannot have. Someone who should be their enemy. And yet, that’s exactly what happens.

And watching them try to unentangle themselves, to try and stay away from one another was much more entertaining than it probably should have been. But it was also heartwarming. And we certainly need more of that these days.

Staci Hart has such a ways with words, and a gift for pulling on the heartstrings in all the right ways. She does that over and over with Mum’s The Word. And I loved every minute of it.



Falling in love with a Bennet is not an option.

My mother has summoned me home to take my place at Bower Bouquets, and as the heiress, I’m expected to do as I’m told. I’m expected to sit by her side as she does her best to decimate the Bennet family and their flower shop, Longbourne. I’m expected to play by her rules, or she’ll ruin me too.

But the day I crash into Marcus Bennet changes everything.

And the kiss seals the deal.

If my mother finds out, I’ll lose everything—my family, my life, my security. Worse, she’ll make sure the Bennets pay for my mistakes.

Falling in love with a Bennet is not an option.

But I might not have a choice.

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