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Cover Reveal: Nemesis


She’ll bring him to his knees. It’s exactly where he wants to be.

Liv Milani knows she’s That Girl. Bold, cool, fiercely loyal—and easy to blow off. Liv is a pro at guarding her heart and not taking things seriously. She is a champion at ignoring Will Langer, her brother’s best friend and Liv’s personal nemesis. The broody jerk’s stony silence is the last thing she needs during a season of change, and now he’s sharing her house for the summer.

Will has spent years behind a stoic expression, longing to make Liv see just how incredible she is. He’d give anything to tell her that she’s his dream girl, but Liv is off-limits. Her brother made that clear long ago. Living with her is going to be a challenge, but Will knows how to control his feelings. Usually.

Suddenly, everything is shaken up, and not taking things seriously is impossible. That Girl is becoming a warrior with a new career calling. Liv and Will’s strong personalities ignite cold indifference into white-hot passion that burns bright even after the Nashville summer has cooled. Against all the rules, they’re falling hard for each other. But keeping secrets is dangerous, and Liv has demons to battle before she can tell her nemesis just how much he means to her.

Skye McDonald is the author of the Anti-Belle series, contemporary romance novels set in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. She is also a podcaster, an English teacher, a fitness instructor, and a life coach. Skye’s Anti-Belle series are standalone books featuring sassy GRITS (Girls Raised In the South) learning to love themselves before they can claim their happily ever after. (Spoiler: they always do!) Her classes and blog content seek to teach individuals to do the same. In all realms, Skye’s goal is to light you up and inspire you to love life and yourself. If she can accomplish that goal via fiction, nonfiction, podcasts, fitness, or pictures of her adorable dog, then she is honored!
When not cheering for you to live your best life, Skye can be found adventuring near and far, usually with Winston the Corgi by her side.

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