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Review: At Least You Have Your Health

At Least You Have Your Health was thoroughly enjoyable. It is unapologetically feminist and validating in so many ways. I found myself cheering for Maya even while gritting my teeth and questioning whether she would come to regret some of her decisions.

This book is about learning to know yourself again, finding your true values, and learning to make decisions that align with those values, so that you can live life authentically. Maya shows so much growth throughout the book and it was empowering watching her eyes be opened to the fact that all she needed was already within her.

Sinha also masterfully gives readers education on racism. She skillfully paints a picture of both the everyday microaggressions POC experience, as well as and the blatant racism that occurs all too often. It was grieving and painful to read these portions of the story, but so important as we educate ourselves to recognize and eliminate racism from within ourselves and call it out when we encounter it.

There is so much packed into this book and I haven’t even told you how rich and wonderful the characters are! You can’t help but root for Maya from the first page as she makes her way through a myriad of scrapes and situations. I loved this book and it was a story I found myself thinking about long after I finished it.



Dr. Maya Rao built her career as a gynecologist to serve, educate, and empower women. In addition to her demanding job, she juggles care for her three small children and copes with the trauma of a mistake buried deep in her professional past. One day, the stress becomes too much for Maya to handle – and Maya is forced to walk away from her job at the hospital.

Despondent and scrambling for a new opportunity, Maya is thrilled when a fellow mom at her daughter’s school approaches her with an offer. Amelia DeGilles, well-to-do entrepreneur and socialite, has founded Eunoia Women’s Health: a concierge wellness clinic that specializes in house calls for its elite clientele in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Amelia has been searching for a gynecologist to make her business complete – it’s the perfect remedy for both women.

No vitamin infusion or healing crystal is too expensive for Eunoia’s patients, and despite her years of medical training and expertise, Maya finds herself catering to every whim with flashy, unproven treatments – odd birthing ceremonies and curative mind journeys included. As Maya forms a friendship with the beautiful, successful Amelia, she may be overlooking the scandalous secrets at the heart of the very organization she’s been working for – and putting at risk the lives of the women she so desperately aims to help.





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