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Review: Business Not As Usual

I really enjoyed the heroine of this novel, Dreamy Daniels. She was confident and sure of herself, wearing what she wanted and creating a reaffirming mantra to help her get to the future she was working toward. Dreamy was in school and working a job she may not have loved, but was getting her by until she completed her degree.

When Dreamy meets Karter, a possible investor, at her workplace he likes her for who she is. Both characters have areas they grow in as the story progresses, and it is refreshing to see how Cooper accomplishes this. Overall, I really enjoyed this grumpy-sunshine read.



Dreamy Daniels is determined to manifest the life of her dreams. Each day she repeats the mantra, “I am beautiful. I am confident. I am lovable. I am a lottery winner.” So what if she lives in a seedy part of Los Angeles in a house that’s one earthquake away from crumbling, or works an unfulfilling secretarial job while struggling to finish her bachelor’s degree? All Dreamy needs to do is win the lottery, which she’s been entering in as a weekly tradition with her grandfather. When she catches the attention of her boss’s potential investor, Dreamy has to remind herself to focus on her career goals so she can be her own boss. Who cares if he has the social grace of the Duke of Sussex and the suaveness of Idris Elba? No distractions allowed.

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