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Review: Lucky Star

I’ve never gone wrong with a book by Susannah Nix and this was certainly no exception. I LOVED Lucky Star! The Fake Dating trope is one of my favorites, as is Famous/Ordinary, so I was super excited to get to review this. Boone and Eve were the best! I loved Eve right away and Boone grew on me pretty quickly. 🙂 I loved their story and it’s a perfect addition to this series.

If you’re a Nix fan, you’ll adore this one. If you’re new to the Nix world, you’re quickly going to want to read them all!



A lonely barista’s dreams come true when her celebrity crush asks her to pose as his fake girlfriend for the paparazzi.

Boone Sheridan is a TV heartthrob with a public relations problem. He needs to clean up his image and create a distraction ASAP. What better way to do that than pretending he’s settled down with a nice, wholesome, ordinary girlfriend?

Eve Tracey is as ordinary as they come—a pre-school teacher and part-time barista working two jobs to make ends meet. She also happens to be a recovering Boone Sheridan superfan. So when the object of her former obsession walks into her coffee shop and makes her an unbelievable offer, how can she refuse?

Acting like she’s in love with Boone Sheridan is no problem for Eve. But she’s read enough fake dating fanfics to know that being on the receiving end of Boone’s pretend affection is almost certainly a recipe for heartbreak—and she’s too realistic to believe the fantasy will extend any further than that.

There’s nothing for a starstruck fangirl to do but brace herself for the pain of letting Boone go at the end of their temporary arrangement.


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