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Review: A Thousand Miles

This was (literally) a fun trip with Dee and Ben when they reconnect after a decade apart. Dee is a successful and well-known podcast host and so some of the book is written in the format of podcast transcripts and ideas that Dee has for podcasts, which is really fun.

Dee and Ben were best friends in high school, so there is a lot of reminiscing about those days, the good times they had, and inside jokes they shared. They also tiptoe around what went wrong back then, why they haven’t talked in so long.

It’s a bit of a slow roll, but it’s done in a wonderful way and I found myself enjoying both of these characters and their growth through the book. It didn’t all work perfectly,  but I think that’s actually the point. We don’t all grow at exactly the same rate, we don’t all handle things exactly as our friends or those we love wish we would. And yet we love each other through it. That’s the beauty of love.



After a decade of silence, Dee and Ben reunite for a road trip they once promised to take. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Dee Matthews is the cohost of the smash-hit podcast Did I Forget To Tell You?, where she interviews family, friends, and past lovers. Nothing is off limits, except for one man (known on the show only as Name Redacted) who happens to be her high school best friend Ben. During their senior year spring break, Dee and Ben took a road trip to visit Ben’s grandma. They buried a time capsule in her backyard, pledging to return in ten years to open it. Then their friendship fell apart in spectacular fashion. They haven’t spoken to each other since.

Ben Porter’s life since that moment has been unexciting but comfortable, until his grandma reveals a family secret that flips his whole world upside down. Her dying wish is for him to stop doing what is safest and go after what he really wants. He starts by showing up on Dee’s doorstep with every intention of fulfilling their long-ago promise. Despite her reservations, Dee can’t say no. This trip could be her chance to give her listeners the Name Redacted interview they’ve been begging for–and finally put her unresolved feelings for Ben to rest.

As the miles fly by, Dee and Ben’s friendship reignites. But the closer they get to reaching their destination, the more apparent it becomes that their attraction to each other cannot be ignored. Their last adventure ended in disaster, and they’re about to find out if any hope of a future together is in the rear view mirror.




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