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Review: Scoring Forever

This was such a great read. Jacqueline Snowe has a way of writing swoony books that also handle tough subjects with great care. I y and Callum are both dealing with really difficult things in their lives. They also used to be best friends. Now they have to find a way to work together because Ivy is a physical therapist working with Callum’s team. I loved their story!



When former childhood best friends turned enemies are stuck working together in the fast-paced world of college football, anything is possible.Ivy Emerson has always been a force to be reckoned with. After a life-changing childhood injury, she’s determined to follow her dreams of breaking into the world of football. Now, she’s landed an internship at the prestigious football stadium, where she’s ready to show the world that she belongs in this male-dominated arena.Callum O’Toole has spent his life as the quintessential pretty boy and the life of the party. But beneath the charming exterior lies a man yearning to be more than just a smooth talker. He’s back at the stadium for his senior year when he runs into his former childhood best friend, and he’s desperate to make amends for a colossal mistake three years ago. Because she hates him now.He’s desperate to earn her forgiveness for what happened three years ago, but as far as Ivy is concerned, time doesn’t heal all wounds.With Callum’s sights set on winning her friendship back, things get complicated when attraction between them rises. However, when deeper feelings surface, will Ivy have to choose between her future ambitions or the boy who always felt like home?


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