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Review: Summer After Summer

I thoroughly enjoyed this modern retelling of Persuasion. Olivia and Fred met at the summer she was turning 16 and had a short romance despite their strong connection. When they cross paths again 20 years later their connection feels just as strong but there is so much history between them and Olivia is certain Fred despises her. She sets out to heal from things she has recently suffered, and learns that she can trust herself more than she ever realized.

These characters were wonderful and the story pacing kept me reading, wondering what I would learn next. I love Persuasion retellings and this is one of the very best I’ve read! Couldn’t put it down.



A woman returns to her family’s Hamptons beach house for a final time—and a final chance at the love she’s lost before, in this contemporary retelling of Persuasion , perfect for fans of Emily Henry and Rebecca Serle.

Olivia Taylor’s marriage is in a death spiral when she agrees to come home to the Hamptons to help her father and sisters pack up the family estate. If it looks like she’s running away from her soon-to-be-ex Wes and New York City, well, she is. But someone has to take care of things and that’s always been Olivia’s role in the family. After years of financial trouble, someone’s finally bailing them out with a huge offer to buy their beachfront property, which is a good thing, although it means losing the home she grew up in, where her mother died, and where she first met Fred, the love of her life.

It’s been five years since the last time things blew up between Olivia and Fred, but much longer since the first time. At this point, Olivia fears it was never meant to be, so there’s no reason to feel butterflies in her stomach at the idea of seeing him again. They’ve already tried, and tried again…and again…but she’s newly single, and she isn’t the same person she was the last time–and Fred has changed, too.

This time, things will be different. Maybe, just maybe, the fifth time’s the charm.

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