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Review: How to Kill Men and Get Away with It

I loved this book! It starts with the main character in a heart-pounding situation and never lets up. Kitty is an influencer with tons of followers and is sought out by sponsors for ads and events. She has a group of friends she goes out with but still has to deal with handsy men who won’t take no for an answer. Kitty has finally had enough of men thinking their actions do not have consequences and decides it’s time for her to take matters into her own hands.

This book held my interest from beginning to end, which has been difficult lately as I’ve had a few duds. It’s hard not to root for Kitty despite the fact that she’s taking people out regularly. The book wraps up so well, which made it such a satisfying read. Can’t wait to read more from this author!



Meet Kitty Collins.

Have you ever walked home at night, keys in hand, ready to throw a punch in self-defence? That’s how it all started. The killing spree, I mean.

I sort of tripped into this role… Literally. The first one was following me. That guy from the nightclub who wouldn’t leave me alone. I pushed him, he stumbled, and fell onto his own broken wine bottle. Oops. It was such a waste of a good house white.

But now I can’t seem to stop and nor do I want to… I’ve got a taste for revenge and quite frankly, I’m killing it.

A deliciously dark, hilariously twisted story about friendship, love, and murder. Fans of My Sister the Serial KillerHow to Kill Your Family and Killing Eve will love this wickedly clever novel!

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