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Review: Dear Roomie

This was a fun read. Ghita and Logan made a great couple and it was fun to see Logan work to overcome Ghita’s reservations about them dating. This is the first book I’ve read in the series, so there were a few references to things that happened in other books that probably went over my head, but overall it was easy to follow along with this as a standalone. I thoroughly enjoyed this and will definitely read more from this author duo!



Some rules are meant to be broken.

Ghita Russo’s dating history is dire. Men kick her cat, demand full frontal photos, and can’t let her win at a simple game of mini golf. Determined to protect her heart, Ghita lives by a strict set of dating rules.

Rule Number One: Never date your best friend’s brother, no matter how insanely hot he is.

But when Ghita needs to save money and her bestie suggests renting a room to her brother, she finds herself dancing dangerously close to the edge of disaster.

Logan Scott, recently free from a toxic relationship, moves to Dallas for his dream job. After meeting his insanely brilliant roomie, he can’t deny his attraction, especially as the chemistry ratchets up between them.

Ghita has finally met her match with Logan, but will he play by her rules?

Dear Roomie is another standalone novel in the Dear Pink series, teeming with forced proximity and forbidden love.

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