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Review: Blushing in the Big Leagues

Blushing in the Big LeaguesI can confidently say I love every RS Grey book more than the last. Blushing in the Big Leagues is Tate’s story, who you may remember is Luke’s sister (from Three Strikes and You’re Mine). I loved how the stories tied together – it was fun to see glimpses of Luke, Chloe, and especially Harper in this book. However, I think my favorite thing about this book was Grant. Once he met Tate he had eyes for her only. It was obvious that a relationship between them was not a good idea because Luke is his teammate and he was brand new to the team. Tate and Grant work so hard to stay away from each and the longing jumps of every page!

Believe me, this is one RS Grey book you DO NOT want to miss!



I have one simple rule: don’t date professional baseball players. There are no exceptions, no workarounds.

“What if—”
“Could he—”

With a brother in the league, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the downright horrifying. Those guys might seem tantalizing when they’re in uniform down on the field, hitting grand slams in front of a crowd of adoring fans, but I know better. The huge egos? The insane travel schedules? The veritable buffet of female companions? No ma’am. Professional athletes are best handled at a distance, preferably far enough away that their chiseled jawlines blur into oblivion.

Enter Grant Navarro.

He’s the baseball player to end all baseball players. The one I should have marked with a big red X the first moment I laid eyes on him. Only the night we met (and kissed—oops), I didn’t know he was my brother’s newest teammate. Imagine my shock when I realized the sexiest man in Manhattan was officially off limits. Just my luck!

Let the record show that I had every intention of following my rule and staying away from Grant. When he smiled that irresistible smile and those dimples popped, I stood my ground. When he made it very clear he’d love to pick up where we left off the night we met, I said, Hold it right there, partner. When he messaged me all sorts of naughty things on Instagram, I logged out of that app so fast I dented my iPhone screen.

Baseball players are bad, bad, bad.

So tell me why giving in to Grant just for a night, getting one taste of what could be starts to seem not just tempting, but downright mandatory.

Yeah, about that one simple rule…haven’t you heard?
Rules are meant to be broken.

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