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Review: Scoring the Player

This book was so good! The pacing was so fast, which is my favorite kind of story. The characters had tons of chemistry on the page and their dialogue was witty and fun. Jenshak is brilliant at getting across the emotions of her characters, so their pining and longing just jump off the page. I haven’t yet had a chance to read the first two books in this particular series of hers, so I will be remedying that immediately!



Valley U’s hottest QB has heard in detail how I want to climb him like a tree.

One viral video and my life as a wallflower is over.

Felix Walters knows exactly how I feel about him—so does everyone else on campus.

It was supposed to be a private conversation between friends.

Now I’m the butt of every joke and everywhere I turn all eyes are on me.

It’s every shy girl’s nightmare.

Except now the hottest guy on campus wants to be my fake boyfriend.

Six weeks. Just pretend.

I’m a wallflower fake dating Valley U’s hottest player.

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