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Review: Mr Big Shot

I seriously don’t know how she does it, but every book Grey writes tops the last. I am such a mood reader and wasn’t really feeling the “boss” trope when I went into this one, but it totally won me over and I absolutely adored Scarlett and Hudson’s story. Grey’s characters always have great depth and her dialogue is fantastic. She knows how to write tension that is palpable, nearly crackling on the page. Mr. Big Shot is one of Grey’s books that will go in my re-read pile for sure.



Biting banter, fake relationships, and illicit workplace rendezvous—anything goes in this romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author R.S. Grey.

While most little girls grow up idolizing Ariel or Belle, I was banging a plastic gavel and pretending to be Judge Judy. I spent my summers divorcing Barbie and Ken and splitting their Dreamhouse assets. Now, my goal to become the very best acquisitions lawyer at the top firm in Chicago is within reach.

I’m one month into my big-girl job at Elwood Hoyt, venti Starbucks in hand, ready to take on the day. The sleek elevator doors are about to close…then he steps in after me. Hudson Rhodes—the one senior partner I was told to avoid at all costs—just so happens to be the heartless villain I’m assigned to work under.

Ever since he found out who I am— the Scarlett Elwood—we’ve been enemies, the sort who constantly bicker and bark, take jabs in the boardroom, and occasionally pop up shirtless in each other’s steamy dreams. Y’know, that kind . He has to know I could run to my dad at any time and demand his firing, but his confident smirk says he knows I’d never give him the satisfaction.

The elevator chimes as we reach our floor, and I feel his broad shoulders pull even with mine. Fury mixes with fear, hatred with lust. He turns to briefly hold my gaze before confidently stepping out in front. His message is

If I want to reach my goal, I’m going to have to go through him first.

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